A dog's nose is a million
times more powerful than
the human one

Projects we operate

Hypoglycemia detection and warning dogs
ARGUS is currently working on an interesting project for education and alert detection dogs for hypoglycemia Diabetes type 1 (DM1).

Conservation and Environment
We are working on detection dog training for research and conservation. So we get our dogs in ARGUS, warn of the presence of the substance, plant or animal we want. All this with minimal impact on the environment in which we work.


Phoebe, assistance dog training


Wolf detection dog in Spain trained by us (scat, carcases and hair)
This is an interview for BTV channel about our work.


Assistance dogs training
We train assistance dogs for people with reduced mobility. These dogs help us to have a more independent life, improve your quality of life and are great companions that would bring you joy to your life.


Hipogloucemia training
We train alert and detecction dogs for hipogloucemia.


Wolf detecction dogs
In Argus dogs we have trained a dog capable of detecting wolf samples. We are talking about hair, scat and carcases. This is a project that we keep very close to our heart. We have collaborated with UAB University, under the Quercus Lupus project, coordinated by the Dr. Marti Boada and we have been very lucky to have Xavier Castanyer, an expert in all there is to know about wolfs.


"Kenian wildlife services dog unit" training (summer 2012)

Training the future dogs for rhino horn detection, ivory detection and poachers.

Our Services

We are located in Barcelona but operate at national and international level.


  • We have a team of dogs, able to be train to detect any substance that is required.
  • We train your dogs in the area of detection and alert.
  • We train your team to work with detection dogs.


    ¿Want to see how we work?

    This video explains ARGUS methods for education of our dogs.

    We work and collaborate with...

    Educacioenpositiu.com Ciberdem Amicus Canis Educació de Diabètics de Catalunya

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Clínic Barcelona, Hospital Universitari

    Generalitat de Catalunya 
    Argus Dogs: Association number EGA 01/2014 by the Generalitat of Catalunya as a Detection, Asistance and medical Alert Training Center