A dog's olfactory area is
150cm2 while the humans
is about 5cm2

How to become a member of ARGUS Detection Dogs

The memberships help ARGUS to train the dogs, coordinate projects and contribute to the protection of animals and nature.

  • Members: the annual fee for membership of ARGUS is 20 € a year. Members must be of legal age.

  • Friends of ARGUS: the fee for Friends of ARGUS is 10 € a year. They can be "Friends of ARGUS" juveniles.
  • To become a member or join Friends of ARGUS, please fill out the form below:

    Soon you can make any donations by bank transfer to ARGUS.


    ¿Want to see how we work?

    This video explains ARGUS methods for education of our dogs.

    We work and collaborate with...

    Educacioenpositiu.com Ciberdem Amicus Canis Educació de Diabètics de Catalunya

    Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Clínic Barcelona, Hospital Universitari

    Generalitat de Catalunya 
    Argus Dogs: Association number EGA 01/2014 by the Generalitat of Catalunya as a Detection, Asistance and medical Alert Training Center