The detection, alert and conservation dog
The detection dog

Detection dogs are all of those that through their sense of smell are able to find and show us what we previously have trained them for.

That is how our dogs can find things that to the human eye would be unappreciable. For example, hair samples, scats, berried animals or corpses, animals that hibernate during the winter or are berried under some kind of surface.

A conservation dog is a detection dog that specializes in anything that has to do with nature. This can be from hair samples to a particular animal, plants, seeds or insects.

The alert dog is the detection dog that through a previously trained indication anticipates and alerts the person of an imminent episode. For example, a hipogloucemia or an epileptic attack.

The detection dog


We work and collaborate with... Ciberdem Amicus Canis Educació de Diabètics de Catalunya

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Clínic Barcelona, Hospital Universitari

Generalitat de Catalunya 
Argus Dogs: Association number EGA 01/2014 by the Generalitat of Catalunya as a Detection, Asistance and medical Alert Training Center