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What's "ARGUS Detection Dogs"

ARGUS is a training centre dedicated to detection dogs. Our conservation dogs, work for the environment, becoming in that way a unique tool for researchers, biologist, private companies, organizations and conservationists.
The use of a working dog for the conservation, guarantees a highly less invasive methods of tracking and searching for the environment and the wildlife. On top of that they have proven to be highly effective and economic.

The human and canine team have proven to be highly qualified and prepared to perform searches and terrain recognition. Even that our central offices are based in Barcelona (Cataluña), we work all around the country (Spain) and overseas, we hope that this way, we would satisfy the needs of our clients, and at the same time, help the environment, easining its study and protection.

ARGUS and its team
Ingrid Ramon - Training Director and operations

I am Ingrid, director and founder member of the ARGUS Association for the conservation, alert and detection with dogs.

I started my career in Canine Psychology and training in England where I lived and worked for nine years. After that, I continued learning and working in the United States, where I had the opportunity to work with some of the best dog trainers and Experts in Detection dogs.

My experience and knowledge in the dog World is wide and diverse, this goes from rescue dogs, to search and rescue, going to sport dogs (Schutzhund), therapy dogs, assistance and my passion, detection dogs.

Together with the ARGUS dogs, we work hard to learn and improve every day, so we can offer a better service to society, researchers, the environment and the wildlife.

Aurora Reinlein, Aurora Rediu - Training and Communications


¿Want to see how we work?

This video explains ARGUS methods for education of our dogs.

We work and collaborate with... Ciberdem Amicus Canis Educació de Diabètics de Catalunya

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Clínic Barcelona, Hospital Universitari

Generalitat de Catalunya 
Argus Dogs: Association number EGA 01/2014 by the Generalitat of Catalunya as a Detection, Asistance and medical Alert Training Center